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  • Why open an account on Ozalentour?

    In the age of digital transformation of cash, it is important to entertain your assets with the help of cryptocurrencies. Usable within our community, every Ozalentour user has the possibility to cash in, transfer and exchange euros.

  • Can I publish commercial ads on Ozalentour?

    Individual or professional, take advantage of our ad system allowing you to highlight your crypto-activity and/or your local offers!
    Once referenced, start collecting EUR

  • Can I use Ozalentour in the same way as a TPE?

    The answer is yes ! From the 'Send/Receive' option, take advantage of our 'Collect' option. This will allow you to invoice all your customers without contact, without additional equipment and in less than 3 seconds!

  • How is my EUR wallet guaranteed?

    Like the Gold Standard Franc, Ozalentour offers a stable payment token backed by a community store of value. Thus, take advantage of a 'Euro-Token' directly backed by a guaranteed and 100% decentralized basket of currencies: OZACOIN (OZA).

  • Can I invest and/or convert my balance to my bank account?

    From your Ozalentour Menu and via the 'Withdraw' option, make your transfer to your bank account. Currently in the beta test phase, exchanges can only be made to OZACOIN (OZA). The Ozalentour team plans to open withdrawals in September 2023.

  • What is the OZACOIN placement token (OZA)?

    OZACOIN (OZA) is a placement token intended to guarantee the Ozasurrounding economy! Backed by a basket of 5 currencies, OZA works with the following decentralized reserves: BUSD, BNB, BTC, ETH and USDT.