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About Ozalentour

Everyone should be able to offer a commercial activity and accept payments without constraint. This is why, since 2022, Ozalentour SAS has been developing its vision of a world where entrepreneurs, the self-employed and enthusiasts can make their talents available and manage their cash flow as simply as child's play. It is by offering innovative solutions, such as our payment token Ozaphyre (OZP) or our store of value Ozacoin (OZA), that thousands of people have decided to trust us, both for their point-of-sale and remote payments.

2022 is the year when Ozalentour supports the development of small businesses and independents by expanding its range of products and thus meeting the needs of each company according to the evolution of technologies. Find on Ozalentour: A wallet to transfer money, pay via QR-Code, send links to receive and/or send money remotely... Make your life easier too with our invoices, management of your relations, your stocks and your transactions... Need cash in EURO? Convert your OZP balance in just a few clicks from your profile menu!


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