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About Ozalentour

Everyone should be able to do business easily and accept payments without constraints. That's why, since 2019, Ozalentour SAS has been developing its vision of a world where entrepreneurs, freelancers and enthusiasts can make their talents available and manage their cash flow as easily as child's play. By offering innovative solutions, such as the ozalentour solution or our support token OZACOIN ($OZA), thousands of people have decided to trust us, both for their payments and for their digital communications.

2023 is the year in which Ozalentour supports the development of small businesses and independents by expanding its product range to meet the needs of changing technologies. On Ozalentour you will find A cash account to cash in and transfer money while enjoying a decentralised safe! Entrepreneur? Make your life easier with our quotation/invoice editing system, manage your relationships, your stocks and your transactions... Need cash ? Withdraw and transfer your €EUR balance to your attached account!


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