Ozacoin ($OZA) - The Support Token

OZACOIN (OZA) by Ozalentour®

A support token !

In order to develop a coherent monetary alternative, it is important that it has its own store of value. From Ozalentour, backed by 6 crypto-currencies, the $OZA token offers the possibility to hold tokenized shares of our Ozalentour application as well as various benefits! (e.g.: Reload discount, stacking offers, voting rights...)

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Soon to be listed on : Pancakeswap !

With a listing scheduled for June 2023, the $OZA token will have the advantage of being able to be bought and resold in any currency!

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A transferable and exportable digital asset!

Need to transfer your OZA's? This is possible outside of Ozalentour and via Binance SmartChain technology. For export, you can physically store your OZA's on a LEDGER or import your token into our insatiable Ozalentour safe!